SVT Acquires K.J. Beer

K.J. Beer was acquired by SVT Engineering Consultants in December, 2011, adding pressure to capabilities in noise, vibration and corrosion.

Aussie Invader Design

K.J. Beer is designing Liquid Oxygen and Bio Kerosene fuel tanks for the Aussie Invader 5R rocket car.

K.J. Beer, an ISO 9001 Company

K.J. Beer operates a quality management system which complies with requirements of ISO 9001.

About K.J. Beer Consulting Engineers

K.J Beer specialises in the design, design verification and fitness for service (FFS) assessment of industrial pressure equipment. Established in 1982, we work primarily in the resources and utilities sectors in Australia, helping our clients maintain the integrity of their pressure vessels, boilers, storage tanks, piping systems, heat exchangers and more.

Our Services

Pressure Equipment

Pressure equipment is an integral part of many oil and gas, mining and power generation facilities and poses a high risk if not designed properly. K.J Beer specialises in design, design verification and inspection of pressure equipment.

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Engineering Assessment

Unexpected failures cause significant cost through facility downtime, repairs and potential consequences to people, assets and the environment. K.J. Beer can help you prevent recurrences.

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Advanced FEA

K.J. Beer utilizes the most powerful analysis by combining first principles understanding with new software. This combination allows us to solve tough technical problems with accuracy.

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Metallurgical Assessment

Not all failures can be investigated through simple visual inspection. In order to determine the cause of a particular defect or failure, K.J. Beer can examine the microstructure of the affected materials.

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