Pipe Dimensions to ASME B36.10M

(Gives the dimensions and section properties for standard steel pipes to ASME B36.10M.)

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Nominal Size Wall Thickness

Dimensions for DN 50, Sch Std
Outside Diameter = 60.3 mm 2.38 inch
Nominal Thickness = 3.91 mm 0.154 inch
Inside Diameter = 52.50 mm 2.07 inch
Minimum Thickness (*) = 3.42 mm 0.135 inch
Section Area = 693 mm2 1.07 inch2
Section Modulus = 9187 mm3 0.561 inch3
Moment of Inertia = 277105 mm4 0.666 inch4
(*) The minimum thickness is based on a 12.5% forming allowance.
Section properties are based on the nominal thickness.

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