Hazard Levels to AS 4343-2005

(Calculates the hazard level of pressure equipment in accordance with AS 4343-2005.)

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Pressure Equipment Type Design Conditions Special Conditions

TemperatureC BP of liquid at 1 ATM C
Contents: State:
Pressure: MPa Volume: L
(Pressure should be +ve internal for pressure vessels and +ve external for vacuum vessels.)

Vacuum vessel conditions:
Vacuum Jacket
Boiler conditions:
Miniature Boiler (Complying with AMBSC Code)
Fired Boiler
Pressure piping conditions:
Inside pipe diameter: mm

Hot Water Heaters, Fired Heaters and Sterilizers:
Shall be treated as Pressure Vessels, except hot water heaters with a large open vent (which is Hazard Level E).
Pressure Safety Devices:
Shall be considered the same hazard level as the equipment to which they are attached.

Fired equipment (not boilers).
Quick actuating-closures or doors.
Subject to Major Hazard Facility Legislation.
Road tanker or transportable vessel.
Intended for human occupancy.
Periodic employee visits.
Piping is buried or is covered in trenches.
Design membrane stress is less than 50 MPa or 20% of yield strength at temperature or 50% of permissible design strength (whichever is less).


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